Sometimes I feel certain I should have been born in the Victorian Era, or at least the romanticized aspect of that set in beautiful lace and flowery speech.  But then again, I believe incurable romantic hearts belong to any age and so as Valentine’s Day approaches, I am musing about how many of us will get out our feather quills and elegant stationery and create a love letter for the person or the people nearest and dearest to us.  How many of us would even consider writing a love letter?  This act may sadly belong to a bygone era. That said, some form of love letters may still spark your fancy this Valentine’s Day.  You are a creative and a loving person and no doubt you’re already planning some delightful treats for the ones you love, but I thought I’d post some sweet alternatives for those of you who are still musing about how to express your love on February 14th.

  • You might write a half dozen sweet notes and tuck them into sure-to-be-discovered spots, like bathroom mirrors, next to coffee mugs, jacket pockets, etc.
  • You might add a single stemmed flower to each of the notes waiting to be discovered.
  • You might be more intentional about warm hugs all through the day.
  • You might pray with your love in the morning and thank God for the gifts you share.
  • You might offer notes of sweet memories you’ve shared that make this day even more special.
  • You might issue your own love coupons for sweet treats and encouraging thoughts.
  • You might forgive any little thing that keeps you from loving more fully.
  • You might pull out those words you seldom say or even think about, like:  cherish, adore, delight, marvel, embrace.
  • You might offer notes of gratitude to all the people who make your life cheerier in any way.

Whatever you do this Valentine’s Day and every day for that matter, cherish the people you love and let them know it.  Today is the best day to give your love away with your whole heart. To all the people who put Big love in my spirit, embracing me and sharing with me here, I send a big red Valentiny heart decorated with the joys of all you mean to me.  I love you forever!

  1. Jerilyn Zaveral says:


    This is wonderful! You are such an inspiration to me and many others. I love these ideas and plan on using a few of them.

    Today Joe and I are celebrating our 10 year anniversary. I woke up thanking God for bringing this wonderful man into my life. Joe is the only man I know that would have stood behind me and supported me in all of my crazy ideas. God is good and He knew exactly what I needed in a husband.

    Hugs to you my friend. We need to talk soon. I have a very remarable story to tell you. Take care. Joe said to tell you hello.

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