I’m writing a new book called Heartstrings and this piece fell out of my brain in the process.  In case you haven’t made all your New Year’s resolutions yet, I thought I’d share this poem.  Big love to all of you as we start another year!

A Call to Love

I walked along the path of life,

Feeling rather small,

When the King of all the Universe

Stopped me with His call.

He said, “I have some work to do

And so you came to mind,

I need someone to light the way

For those who are still blind.

I think you’d do the job quite well,

But I’ll give you the choice,

You can stay on your own path

Or listen to my voice.”

So, then and there, I changed my course…

Sharing light and standing tall,

To bring God’s love to others

In answer to His call.

Karen Moore