We thank You for each morning

We awaken with the sun,

Ready to embrace the day

And all that must be done.

We thank You for the gifts of life

For each day we start anew

Blessed to have a brand new slate

Made clean and whole by You.

We thank You that the human heart

Is filled with love for others

Connecting us to everyone

As our sisters  and our brothers.

We thank You that we have enough

When doors of hope close  tight,

For we know dreams are yet possible

As we hold them to Your light.

We thank You on Thanksgiving Day,

For laughter, food, and friends,

For the grace of Your provision,

Because Your bounty never ends.

We thank You, Lord, for all we are

With a humble attitude,

For each amazing gift of Grace

We receive with gratitude.

Amen…thank you, Lord.

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