Sports analogies for and about life exist  because we’re all engaged in the game and whether we play it well or choose to sit on the sidelines depends a lot on our willingness to keep identifying our potential plays and to manage the skills required.  Die hard sports fans not only get caught up in the lives of players, their averages and their game stats, but they live vicariously each play of the game.  Just sit by someone who can recount stats from an Indians game from 2003 about who played, who pitched, and what caused the final downfall of the game.   It’s amazing that people get that involved in the lives of others!  But what about our own lives?  Are we as interested in our own stats?  Are we as careful about our game strategies and possible options?  Maybe this year we should be.  After all, you have cheerleaders everywhere, watching how you play and waiting to see just how you’ll make the next move.

It’s been interesting to me as I reconnected with my family for the holidays to look at how we have each played the game so far.  Some of us have taken a more traditional approach, playing it well within more or less expected guidelines.   Some of us have stepped out and looked to see what resonated with our path the most and though it meant  a  more risky play, opted for it.  Some of us are still on the sidelines evaluating potential and waiting to see when we could get called into the game.  Personally, I love the game!  I am a sports nut of life!  It thrills me to see anyone in my family make a great play, take a long shot and make it work, have a few “hail Mary” moments.

I’m kind of back in spring training now that I’ve returned to the USA. I’m looking at the next part of my life and looking to see where I’ll fit in the game, what my best plays might be, and where I might score big for the goals I’ve set.  I’m willing to risk enough to step out there because I never play on my own.  I always wait for the Coach to call me in, to help me see the playing field and to direct the best position for me to play well.  After all, He’s got the whole strategy in His hand.  Fortunately, He gives me some opportunity to go on my gut instinct, to believe that prayer makes a difference, and to see that He’s already set my new playing field.  It’s so exciting!  What player doesn’t like to know they have a winning Coach whose been recognized in the big leagues for some time?

So, as you look at your own strategies for this year get ready to make some new plays, connect with the Captain of your team, accept the encouragement of the cheerleaders all around you, and then go out there and win.  You can do it!   You’ve got everything you need and it’s going to be a banner year.  I see that trophy just waiting to grace your shelf.   Go out there and strut your stuff!

  1. Mark Bowers says:

    Karen, thanks for being in the game. Most are content sitting on the sofa, watching someone else play. Or in other words, watching someone else pursue their dream. Most of us will never be seen on tv, but losing 10 lbs is like making our own touch down. Spike a ball and have fun with it. Go and win! -Mark

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