Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better.  It’s not.  ~Dr. Seuss

I genuinely appreciate the kind of compassion that we see every Christmas season.  We ramp up our willingness to give to those less fortunate, we seem to have our hearts and minds more attuned to the needs of others.  We’re filled with a great spirit of kindness and it’s actually one of the reasons I love Christmas so much.

But where are we in July?  Where are we when there isn’t a national disaster in one country or another, or a cause that can be politely handled by the charity foundation of our choice?  Where are we in the every day…the little moments when someone right near by needs a hand to hold, a gentle conversation, the gift of our presence?

Like millions of others, I’ve been watching The Bachelor/ette recently, though I’m not sure why.  The rather humiliating display of heated communication between Jake and Vienna was not only embarrassing (I would think to them) but a rather sad note about any of us.  Who are we when it comes to what we think we deserve in love?  Who are we when it comes to actually seeking out the truth that we might dare to discover in another person?  What is it we really want?

Love it seems to me isn’t so much about what we receive, though that’s a valuable and important part.  It’s about what we give, what we notice in the heart and mind and life of another person that maybe few others ever take the time to see.  That kind of love doesn’t have a season.  It doesn’t just display affection at Christmas or Easter and feel it’s done its part.  It continues, pushing through the mundane, the normal, the average and seeking out like some kind of heat missile, the ones who need to be noticed, to be cared about and loved.

I may not know a lot about what love is or what Jesus might have hoped we’d realize once His gift of Christmas was over, once His  journey to Easter was completed, but somehow, I think He left us clues.  I think His hope was to resurrect something real and bigger than ourselves that goes way beyond television reality shows and people who make a business out of playing love games.  Jake and Vienna are good examples of the traps we fall into when we think it’s all about Christmas, when we think it’s all about what we get, more than what we give.

Today, I’m thinking that every time I see a Christmas in July sale, I need to remind myself of this season of my life, the one that needs to keep decorating all year long so that others can see the beauty of what God wanted each person to receive every day, any day, that we’re willing to notice.  If we care, we need to care a whole lot, because as Dr. Seuss reminds us,  If we don’t, things won’t get better, they simply will not.  So whether you’re here or whether you’re there…caring is in season and brings love everywhere.

Thanks for the amazing gifts you share with those around you!

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