A Prayer, With Humble Thanks

We’ve walked together, Lord,
Through a maze of life’s events
And some of it is clear to me,
And some just won’t make sense.
You’ve answered prayers, I didn’t ask,
Inspired my direction,
You give me things I don’t deserve
And honor our connection.
I’m humbled by your willingness
To stay right by my side,
Even when I’m disappointing
Or I’ve failed at things I’ve tried.
I love that you don’t give me
Everything I think I need,
Because you know far more than I
The prayers that you will heed.
I’ve learned through all the ups and downs,
And thank you for each one
For I know with less experience
I’d miss the things you’ve done.
You’re the Alpha and Omega,
The One whom I adore
And even when I’m down and out
I couldn’t love you more.
I don’t worry about tomorrow
For you’ve given me today,
You’ve offered me my daily bread
And the chance to work and play.
There’s nothing that I have, Lord,
That didn’t come from you
And nothing that I want
Unless I know you want it too.
So thank you for the gift of love
You’ve shared with me since birth,
You’re my Savior and Protector,
My greatest joy on earth!
Karen Moore


With a warm wish for a Happy Thanksgiving to all of you…with great joy.  I’m so thankful for each of you!