Anticipation! Expectation! Hope!  These are the keys, the very things we celebrate at Advent.

Some of us grew up with an Advent calendar, where we counted down the days to Christmas beginning on December 1st. As each day faded away, our hopes grew.  For some of us, the big day meant Santa Claus and a sleigh full of presents and eight tiny reindeer.  For others, it was something deeper, something not quite as tangible, but infinitely more real,  for it was a countdown to God’s greatest gift to mankind.  We grew in our excitement until the Night Before Jesus finally came and we could imagine nothing greater than running to the manger to see that incredible baby boy!

Advent is the beginning of a long awaited adventure.  We’ve been preparing for Christmas, preparing for advent, every day of our lives and it does come.  It comes each time we embrace all that is Holy within us, all that exists because of God’s great gift.  It exists apart from us, in spite of us, and because of us!  Wow!

This year, get into the adventure of Advent.  Oh, yes, keep it glowing all through the season, but then take it further.  Keep being expectant! Keep being joyful!  Keep hoping that the One who began the story, the Author of all things, will come into your life in amazing ways.

Personally, I think God smiles at our childlike desire for a jolly man in a red suit, who inspires our imagination for all that is good.   It’s a simple reminder that when we come before Him with our childlike faith, He can  pour out His love on us.  He has plans for us that go well beyond our imaginations.  He’s always part of the adventure, much more than a Christmas Santa, for He’s the  Holy One who blesses you each day of the year.

May your Advent season be part of an adventure that is blessed by the Only One who Lights the World.