One of my favorite Scriptures is the verse that reminds us, “With God, all things are possible!” It doesn’t say, all things are probable, or all things are potentially viable.  It doesn’t say that you can do all things.  It says, “With God, all things are possible!”    How do we ever dare then to utter that something is impossible! The fact of the matter is, God is still present.  Yes…He’s still there.  He hasn’t closed up shop, hasn’t gone on a vacation and He doesn’t look to see how well you’re playing the game before He responds to your need.  His awesome, autonomous, ever present self is all about possibility thinking and that causes me to conclude that we should be too.

Yet as human beings, we keep trying to rely on our own strength.  How often do we say, we’ll, “I tried this already and it didn’t work so that must mean God doesn’t want that for me.”  Or, “I never was good at dancing so it’s a little late to think I could do that now.”   Where’s the limitation?  Where’s the point of impossible?  Is it in you?  Or is it in God?  Remember that this is the God of all those ancestors who found one way after another to walk around the God of the Universe.   They tried all the human tricks imaginable and somehow God still got His work done.  Certainly, most of us don’t want to be 90 year old Sarah’s having Isaac’s with 100 year old husbands, but the point is, God can make the impossibles possible.  With God, all things, not a few things, not some things, but ALL things are possible.

From where I sit, that means, cut the excuses Karen.  Don’t give me any of those poor me, I’ve tried, can’t do it any more, ways of thinking.  Don’t point out all the effort I’ve valiantly made on my own, because that wasn’t ever the way the system works.  I wasn’t supposed to be Ms. Independent, got to do it all myself, watch me go, Jesus.  I was supposed to do one thing…believe.  My work is to believe that every step I take, every road I travel, every person I meet, is somehow connected to the greater good for me because God has a plan and it’s a big plan.  When I believe, I get to see it unfold.  I get to feel it in my heart and mind.  I get more light in my spirit.  I get gifts beyond measure.  All I had to do was believe it was possible with God.

I think we need to start a new mantra.  We need to wake up saying, “Thank you, God, for making all things possible for me today.  Thank you for the people I will meet, the places I will go, the smiles I will share, the work I will do, because somewhere in all of what I do, You will show yourself. You will be going on ahead making what seems to be impossible, a piece of cake.”

If anything feels slightly impossible to you today, just shake your head and let God know you’re no longer buying the imitations, you’re not interested in the maybes, you’re just believing that with God all things are possible.  Golly, what will I do with all my excuses now?

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