Let your hope make you glad.  Be patient in time of trouble and never stop praying.

Romans 12:12, NIV

Trouble is an interesting teacher. It shakes us to the core and reminds us who we are. It leads us down the corridors of unnamed fears, unlimited ways to worry, and renewed self-doubt. It makes an enormous effort to distract us in every negative way possible, and all the while, pounds away at our thread of hope.

This short verse from Romans suggests we might take another view though.  What if we faced trouble with its only antidote, prayer? What if we prayed with greater fervor because we believed so well in the hope that springs forth from our faith? 

Your friends may look at you strangely if you smile through adversity. They might suggest you just need rest or counseling. They would likely be puzzled by your behavior.  However, if you really believe in the hope you have as a child of God, knowing you have a direct prayer line, could you smile?  Adversity may win a round or two, but it will never extinguish the light of your spirit. God will see you through.

Light Reflections

Lord, I’m at my worst when I face a difficult situation.  I try too hard to be in control and find all the right solutions; sometimes working so hard I forget to even pray. Send trouble on its way and renew my hope in You today.