It hasn’t been raining quite enough to please the flowers and the birds in this part of Florida.  As I was out walking early this morning, there were a few puddles left from the showers of the night that hadn’t yet been absorbed by the sun.  I noticed several birds freshening up in one of them as I passed and couldn’t help smiling.  The birds know how to make the most of the opportunities that come their way.

Thinking about that a bit more, I started wondering how quick we are to take advantage of the things that are put right in front of us, things we need that God provides if we only see them.  I don’t know about you, but I’m not always alert to those little things.  I’m not always paying attention to what God puts right in front of me.  Sometimes, he gives me a friend at the right moment who  offers me a hand, or a moment of comfort, or just a good swift kick in the padded places where I sit to keep me moving along.  Sometimes he provides a puddle of sorts that washes over me enough to me keep me going a little bit longer, preparing my wings  to fly.

In my walk this morning, he reminded me that we don’t take advantage of him nearly enough.  He wants us to see how often he steps right into the center of our lives making himself available, all because he wants us to see what he has for us.   I felt he clearly was asking me, “Are you taking advantage of me?”  In other words, am I plugged in enough to the greatest Source the universe can possibly offer and taking advantage of the fact that I am not alone, that I have an amazing opportunity to grow  simply because I know who my Father is.  Sometimes, I try too hard to work everything out myself.  I try to make my own way, build my own tiny bridge to get to the next spot, when all along, he’s got the tools to engineer anything I could imagine right in his hand. He’s built a replica of the San Francisco Bay bridge right next to me and all I have to do is step out in enough faith to cross it.

Today, I’m looking for the little puddles, the ones that refresh my spirit and give me a chance to make a clean sweep.  I’m ready to take advantage of the offer God puts on the table…the one that reminds me I’m already plugged in, I’m already set to go and it’s okay to take advantage of all that comes from hope and faith and being connected to the Creator.

Make a splash today.  It will feel so good.  Let’s take advantage of all that God has given us.