My days are swifter than a weaver’s shuttle; they reach their end without hope. Remember that my life is wind.

Job 7: 6-7

Your life might seem like some kind of never-ending soap opera where one day you’re on top, the star of the show, and then the next week, you’re somehow the villain in a comedy of errors that even Shakespeare would envy.  It’s an incredible thing to really pay attention to your days and look at not only where you’ve been, but where you hope to go next.  For those of you having birthdays, remember that the blazing candles melting onto your frosting are simply brief glimpses from the light of what was.  It’s really the blank spaces on your cake that bring new options, raise new possibility and are frosted with new joys.  How will you fill those spaces this year?

For those of us awaiting birthdays on the calendar, this is the day to shine.  This is the day to create a new light so that when your candles blaze on your celebration day, you’ll see their beauty, the reminder of all you’ve already brought to the world and the chance to keep glowing.  As the world turns, as your days turn from early morning hopes to late night news, be aware of this moment, this one chance to become even more authentic and to share your gratitude for life with the One who knows you and wants you to live in joy and abundance.

We recognize with Job how fleeting life is, how quickly it melts away taking our dreams and our fine intentions with it.  Perhaps one of God’s gifts is that our span of life should be long enough to give us a taste of all that He has, but not so long that we forget Him in the process.  Choose to bring God into every area of your life today.  As one writer put it,

“Take the life you’ve been given

And give it your best,

Think positive thoughts

And let God do the rest.”

Whether you join in or sit back, the world continues to turn faster than a weaver’s shuttle, but you were designed beautifully in every fiber of your being.  Give God the glory.