Some questions, events, happenings in life defy reasonable answers or understanding.  It doesn’t matter how many prayers we’ve launched, how many good deeds we’ve done, or how much we’ve tried to understand a situation, some things still leave us wondering.  I believe God can do anything and that prayer is an effective means for getting His ear when something too big for me to handle comes up.  I realize that there is nothing stronger than real prayer, nothing more important than giving praise and surrendering our hearts to the One who made us.  Even though all of that is true for me, there are still those moments when I have questions that don’t seem to offer a satisfying rational answer.  Perhaps this is indeed where faith begins.

Sure, I know the rhetoric  and the theological arguments about “free will” and sin in the world being responsible for the evil, the harsh, and the upsetting currency that floats through the universe, but I still don’t quite understand why the light, the angelic, the prayerful, the holy, the sincerest form of conversation with God don’t help to create a better balance and sway things in a more positive direction.   We have numerous biblical examples where it did work.  We know that God saved, extended His powerful arm, His angelic voice, His healing strength to create a multitude of miracles in His work with our ancestors.  I know He did those things.  I also believe He still does those things and I know that only He is in control of all that is.

But here I am with a question.  I’m wondering why a dear friend of mine, a woman who graduated from high school with me, who has fought for her life for the past three years, and in one week was told that her treatments had finally worked and she would now have quality of life, was told only a few days later, that nothing worked, and that nothing more can be done.  That makes me wonder why and what happened to all the prayers she was saying, and hundreds of others were saying?  I know only God has the say over life and death issues, but it still hurts my heart.

Does prayer make a difference?  Absolutely.  Have miracles happened through this illness even in spite of what my friend has gone through?  Most definitely.  But do the questions feel answered?  Do the hopes feel realized? Sadly no!

This is the part where only faith can come in and bring comfort.  This is the part where we have to honor the One who can heal and save, who can take us home at His call, who sees us right where we are.  The human me has trouble letting go of those I love.  The spiritual me rejoices at knowing that even this unanswered question has a positive outcome, for though a light goes out here, another one will come on in heaven when my friend arrives.

Please pray for Judy as she makes her way back home.  She’s a beautiful light in this world and will definitely bring a smile to her welcome home party.  Perhaps faith can’t answer all the questions of today, but it surely answers those of tomorrow.

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