How BIG is your God?  Can He do anything?  Can He hold you up when your knees are buckling, open a new door when every one you have tried seems to be locked from the inside?  If you’re like me, you’re inclined to say that yes, God can do all those things and in the very next breath, you’ll hear that little word escape from your lips…”but”…

If you catch me on a good day, I’ll tell you my God is BIG, BIG, BIG!  I’ll say He can do anything and because He loves me so much He will do anything. I’ll tell you I believe this with all my heart because I’m believing in BIG things.  On another day, I may slide right off the path and say, “Well, I do believe those things, but maybe God has more important people to attend to today, so I’m not so sure I’ll make it to the top of His priority list.  I may say, “He CAN do anything, but I’m not so sure He will.

I think this kind of dialogue is fairly normal for believers and beyond that, I think it’s healthy as long as we look at it and catch the lesson.  Whether we’re able to let God be God and be bigger than anything we can think up in our rather limited thinkers, or whether we’re saying something that will let us and God off the hook in case things don’t go as we propose, it’s all good.  There’s nothing wrong with the thinking. The beautiful fact is that God IS GOD and He doesn’t change.  He’s actually quite capable of keeping all the plates spinning, all the balls in the air, all the planets going in their perfect paths and all His children patiently and lovingly in view.  He sees you even when you can’t see, feel, touch, or otherwise divine His presence.  He sees you and He hears you and He works tirelessly to help you discover that very path you want to walk.

So if God doesn’t slip off for a nap when we most need Him and He doesn’t find himself too busy to hear our praise, and our requests, and our needs, what is happening that keeps our prayers from coming to fruition?  Ah, that is a question for greater minds than mine to answer, but here’s a possible take on it.  For me, those unanswered prayers look something like this.

“God, I don’t really want to bother you today, you’ve got so many troublemakers out there to deal with, and you must just want to explode at how miserably we treat each other and how we abuse your planet, and how we don’t get along nearly as well as we should,” (gasp, take a breath, because now we’ve apologized for the whole world, but still haven’t gotten to the prayer)…”So God, if you can squeeze me in for some consideration (What are we applying for a job?), would you please help me find a life partner?  I mean, he doesn’t have to be perfect or anything.  You know, he’s just for me.”

So what have we done?  We’ve said a prayer and that’s good.  We’ve apologized for the human race and we’ve finally put in a request that is really dear to our hearts but we don’t want to hope for much because actually, it’s only just for us and who are we anyway?

My dear friends…if you’re doing anything that even comes close to this kind of praying, stop!  Stop now!  Open your heart and your mind to the BIGGEST, BEST, Most loving God you can imagine.  Approach that God as though loving you is all He has to do that day or any other.  Approach Him with awe and respect and love and the expectation that when you hurt, He hurts too, and when you have a need, He can hardly wait to fulfill it.  Approach with a heart that is so BIG with love for Him that He can’t resist you.  Oh yes…in His wisdom and in His love for you, He may not answer according to your time line or your understanding of what you need, but He is there and He will answer.  When your child calls you, you answer.

Believe bigger! Trust more!  Love with a childlike faith that knows you are safe in your Heavenly Father’s care.  Prayer isn’t for timid souls.  It’s for those with BIG hearts and BIG hopes and BIG faith.  If at first you don’t succeed, pray, pray, again!

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