It can seem like a long journey to try to go from wonder to wonderful.  It might not get accomplished in zero to sixty seconds.  It might not get accomplished in a lifetime.  Sometimes when I look at my relationship with God, I’m totally in a place of “wonder.”  I’m in awe of all that He does in my life.  I’m a child on my knees grateful that He sees me, that He knows me and that He walks with me every day.  When I’m truly in that space, nothing else compares, nothing else feels so wonderful!  I’m totally full of the Wonder of God!  I wish I could say I simply live there all the time, but alas, my internet connection goes out, or my work is stalled or my prayers just don’t seem to yield anything, and I’m going from sixty back to zero, wondering how I’ll survive this round, how I’ll manage to make everything work.

Did you notice what happened?  When I was in a place of awe and wonder, I was totally focused on God.  I looked up and felt humbled that He chose me, that He loved me, and that He was willing to come into my presence, probably even more than I’m willing to go into His.  I was living in His space and it was wonderful.  But, let one glitch come into play, one earthly event get out of wack in my life, and my eyes close and I’m blinded by my own worries, suddenly forgetting that God cares at all.  Suddenly all my focus is on Me!

I confess this because I trust I’m not alone in this dilemma.  We know that as sons and daughters of the King, we have a resource for everything in our lives.  We are NEVER alone.  We are always in His care and keeping and if we have not managed to build a sense of wonder over that idea, I’m not sure what would do it.

Today, whatever is going on in your life, take a moment to stand back in awe at the Creator of the Universe, the One who chose you even before you were born, and who sees you even now in whatever state you’re in and says, “Wow! You’re so awesome!”  As Max Lucado says,  “God thinks you’re wonderful!”   That’s not a bad place to find yourself.  Somewhere between the Wonder we might feel as we consider the things of God, and the life we live each day, there’s always something Wonderful to behold.  You may be wondering about a lot of things as you face the day, but that’s part of the beauty of living.  Your wonders can be taken straight to the Source of all that is wonderful.  As you stand there in awe of what you have and what you are at this very moment, the “awe” will return to you, the Wonder of it all will fill your heart.   Share that heart with every wonderful person you meet today.

Looks like an awesome day from here!