Matthew 9:27-29 is the Scripture that tells the story of Jesus as He is talking to two blind men. They have followed Him around hoping He will heal their blindness. Jesus asks them plainly if they truly believe He can do this…do they believe He can heal them? They affirm they do believe and so Jesus heals them.

As I reflect on this idea, I can’t help wondering if I have it in me to believe big enough for my own blindness to be healed. I don’t wonder whether Jesus “can” heal me, but I tend to be less certain about whether He “will” heal me. I suspect if I had been one of those blind men, I would have been able to see better as I walked away, but more than likely, I would have still needed glasses. I probably wouldn’t have been able to believe BIG enough to see perfectly.

What we believe matters. It’s a topic that comes up a lot in Scripture. We are asked to look at what it is we truly believe. BIG things don’t seem to happen if our belief system is small. Big things require us to step up and put everything we’ve got on the line.  We must believe that God can do anything. If we surrender our worries and our need to be healed of our own blindness, He will act in big ways on our behalf. Ah! There’s the problem! We have to have BIG belief and big faith.

What do you believe today? Be brave and have the courage to believe bigger than you’ve ever believed before. Chances are good you will see many things about your life more clearly. You may even be healed of blindness.

Let’s think BIG…no, BIGGER today! Open your eyes to all God has for you!