As some of you know, my birthday was on the Fourth of July.  As a rule, it’s been fun to celebrate my personal joy with that of my country.  I can’t imagine a finer day to have been born, and knowing that the day explodes with fireworks to highlight the gift of freedom is even better.  Yes, a birthday with fireworks is a great thing!  So what was the problem this year?

The problem was that I lost my birthday fire for a little while.  I was even somewhat cranky about this birthday that caused me to hit yet another milestone.  Yipes!  Who knew that one could fly from birth to waiting for kindergarten, to waiting to be a teenager, to waiting to be twenty-one, to waiting to be thirty to waiting to be…well, you get the picture.  We had a number of birthday milestones that we waited for almost like Christmas, like those ages would begin our journey, mark out the path we would go and let the world know that it better watch out because we were coming!  We had birthday fire!

What I realized this year was that I only had birthday smoke…I couldn’t imagine why this would be a birthday that I could even want to celebrate with one blazing explosion of fireworks frenzy.  No, this was the year when I didn’t know what else to wait for, what to anticipate, what to dream about.  Then it hit me!  No, not the fireworks, but the explosion of light that only God can give, the one that says, “You’re finally at the place where I can actually do something with you.  You’ve finally gotten through all those years of learning things so that now you can carry out the work I have for you.  This is the year of your best celebration yet! This is the year we begin great things!  Oh, this is so exciting!”

Well, that was certainly a different spin than I was taking.  I liked it though!  I put away the cranky girl and got back to looking for the fireworks.  I’m new every morning!  I’m here to shine a light, maybe even blow out some candles, and set some fireworks whistling through the world.  God isn’t done with me yet!  We have so much to do, so much to look forward to and if I’m blessed with decades of more birthdays,each one will only mean I’ve gotten to a step where he can use me in a new way, where I can be a beam of light exploding with joy.  Yes, now I see the excitement is mounting.

I can hardly wait to see just what God has in mind.  Whew!  I celebrate all your birthdays too because you can do awesome things for Jesus no matter what age you happen to be.  Just look for the fire-works;that work only He can do to put a fire of love within you!  Okay, time to light some more candles!

turning up the lightpsd