Yesterday, my youngest daughter was driving home from the school where she works each day as an American Sign Language interpreter.  She loves her work and is gifted with an amazing skill.  Turning on the green arrow that encouraged her to go ahead, she was hit head on by a car that ran the red light.  Not only was the driver unconcerned about the damage he caused, but he actually fled the scene.  She lives in a college town and you might understand this if it had been a student not wanting to get into worse trouble.  The fact is, that the driver was an older man who apparently didn’t care about what he had done.

Thankfully my daughter, bruised and shaken and dealing with her first car ever now being smashed in the side, is all right.  Sort of!  What’s the lesson?  Accidents happen?  Life side swipes you sometimes?  We don’t gain wisdom just because we get older?  It’s baffling.  I’m awed that anyone would smash into another human being and simply go on as though nothing had happened?  It seems unbelievable! Yet, there are some observations we might make.

Last Sunday, Don Piper spoke at church and I guess if anyone can remind you that God is still in the miracle business it’s Don.  Talk about getting hit by a truck!  His story is awesome and a great reminder that life indeed can side swipe you, hit you head on, and tear you from limb to limb and still be more of an event or an episode than a place to dwell.  Don Piper was dead.  His limbs had been torn off.  His life was over, or so he thought as he stood before the Pearly Gates.  But earth wasn’t done with him.  God wasn’t ready for him, though the welcoming committee had all assembled.  Prayer brought him back and his “Can you believe that?” story gives us all cause to reflect on the accidents of life.  That one event, changed everything for Don and for anyone who listens to his story.  What he knows for sure (as Oprah likes to say) is that Heaven exists and God is in the details.  He knows that whether we’re hit by a truck or side-swiped by someone carelessly running a red light, there’s more to the story.

I can hardly believe the miracle Don  Piper experienced. I can hardly believe an older driver who would hit a young girl and just go on after causing the damage.  I can hardly believe how much we take for granted and how little we actually understand or see God’s hand at work.  I can hardly believe it and yet I do.  I believe that every event, every hour of our lives is simply an opportunity for God to get our attention.  He wants to meet all of us at those Pearly Gates someday, but more than that, He wants to meet us at our own front door any time we’re willing to let Him in.

Today, I’m so grateful that He spared my daughter’s life, and I’m awed at His great love.  It’s so big that it’s simply out of this world!  Can you believe that?