A few days ago, I visited the Universal Studios theme park in Florida with my daughter.  She’s a big Harry Potter fan and so we walked every square inch of the new extravaganza, awed at the details that brought this magical world to life in books and movies.  The designers didn’t miss a trick at casting a spell that would draw us into Diagon Alley to shop for one wonderful bit of wizardry or another.  It was something to see!

As I reflect on that experience, I can’t help but think about the One who also never misses a detail, who offers endless opportunities to expand my awareness of the gifts and talents He’s already given me.  If only I could see them!  If only I would look for them as earnestly as any character in a book ever searched for purpose and meaning, even a character like Harry Potter.  After all, Harry was born with a gift and had to learn how to use it.  He had to want to see that gift and be willing to go after it for it to have meaning in his life.  Harry is fiction though and I’m not.  Therefore, I have to find my way, looking for the details, seeking the light up ahead to guide me everywhere I go.  My life comes into its fullness when I begin to see more of what God sees in me.  I begin to respond to the things that make a difference, sometimes even to others because I’m looking for Him every place I go.  I was born for this reason and so were you.

I love magical kingdoms. I love the worlds that are created by those with amazing imaginations. I think we’re enriched by the lives of Disney characters and comic book characters and the works of J.K.Rowling.  It’s all there for us to remind us of the One who has so much imagination that it never runs out.  He imagines us as brilliant, amazing, and worthy chips off the old block because we were created in His image.  He is there and sometimes He calls out to us in life and asks, “Can you see Me?”  Can you see what I’ve done for you, how I’ve loved you from the moment you were born? Can you feel my presence everywhere you go?”  It may feel like He hides under some kind of cloak of invisibility, but the truth is, He’s in plain sight.

Sometimes you call out to Him too?  “Can you see me?” you ask.  All I know is that when you understand that you are the work of One who loves you from here to eternity, who knows you very well and wants you to know Him even more, your life changes.  Your world opens up so that you can imagine vistas you never saw before. You see the gift of pure love that has been there for you all along, and you don’t need a magic wand to get there.

Keep looking and your heart will lead you.

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