I love celebrations!  Whether it’s celebrating as a country like we just did on the 4th of July, pulling out the grill, donning some red, white, and blue and being awed at fireworks, or whether it’s the celebration of a birthday, it’s great to have a reason to party.  I love the anticipation, the delight in getting ready for the big event, adding a touch of personal creativity to make it even more fun, and simply being part of the joy.  Celebrations bring people together in good ways.

One of the best parts of a birthday is realizing that  time has given you even more reasons to celebrate your life.  As I celebrated another light being added to my cake on the 4th of July, I realized how much there is to be excited about.  In fact, if I could put candles on my cake for all the exciting prospects yet in front of me, or all the ones I’ve encountered, I couldn’t make a big enough cake.  Sure, I can think about things like, “I’m too old to be a ballerina, or I’ll never be a Rockette, but I can still dance.  I still have a chance at things that could top the charts.  I could still win a Pulitzer or be the World’s Best Cheesecake baker.  I could still encourage my friends to greatness and inspire my children to believe even more in how precious they are.  I still have reasons to celebrate life’s possibility. As Abraham Lincoln, who probably would have loved 4th of July celebrations, once said, “Die when I may, I want it said by those who knew me best that I always plucked a thistle and planted a flower where I thought a flower would grow.”

Tomorrow, I’m doing a spot on life lessons radio.  Here’s the link if you want to tune in around noon EST.


Apparently, I get a half hour to talk a bit about my work and about what I’ve learned along the way.  I’m excited about doing it, hoping I’ll get it right, but my intent is to simply celebrate the opportunity.  I’m anticipating it with joy, imagining the chance it gives to shine a light on people I love and on the precious lessons I’ve learned.  My biggest hope will be to give credit where it’s really due, credit to the people who housed me and raised me and loved me into a place where I could go out into the world and learn where to pull up thistles and plant flowers.  It gives me a chance to remember how every event, the big ones and the small ones, have served me by giving me insight into the person I really want to be, the one I hope God will celebrate when he sees me coming sometime down the road.

So, tune in if you get a chance, or stop by the link when you can.   I’d love to celebrate more of this incredible journey  with you.  One lesson I’ve learned is that we’re not in this to be a party of one, we’re meant to be a celebration, a stadium full of cheering people, rejoicing in all that God has given us.  Perhaps that’s one more reason why it’s so good to have a church family, a place to come together where everyone understands the goal.  Whether it’s Sunday morning or Monday afternoon, remember you’re worthy of celebration, and your biggest achievement yet is still up ahead.   I can hear the crowd gathering already, waiting for you to appear.  It’s spectacular!

Celebrate today with all you’ve got!