I used to love watching “Mission Impossible.”  It always posed a problem of global proportions, set a team out to do the task that was incredibly dangerous and  highly unlikely to succeed, and then offered fascinating ways for the story to unfold and the team to win.  Of course, no one could ever know the identity of the miracle makers and if they were caught, no one would acknowledge that they were on a special assignment.  Even the instructions for the  assignment were set to self destruct in a matter of seconds.

Something about that image makes me think of another group of highly unlikely men who followed a carpenter around for three years and managed through some impossible measures to feed thousands, heal the hopeless, and bring sight and insight into the hearts and minds and eyes of many. Talk about mission impossible!

My experience in Costa Rica  reminds me of that continuing mission.  I’ve been honored to meet a lot of people here with a sense of purpose.  They’re here to feed thousands with love and deeds of good will.  They’re here to offer hope, to teach new ideas, to give from the heart.  They’ve come to turn up the light, to make it easier for others to breathe and to live more fully.

I’ve met pastors and musicians and artists and people who work with Habitat for Humanity.  I’ve met teachers and kids and moms and chefs who do their best to cross cultural divides and seek the common good.

The new perspective I’ve gained has reminded me that it is possible to leave all you know behind (at least temporarily), embrace another land and another culture, even without knowing the language and see what really matters in the world.  Our neighbors everywhere have the same hopes and dreams.  We all want basic freedoms,  people to see us and affirm us and love us, and we want to know that there’s a reason for us to be here on this planet.

The early followers of Jesus chose to live their individual lives with an incredible purpose and sense of mission.  They lived in a small world in a big way. They lived full out doing the impossible, the risky, the absolute no turning back kind of lifestyle and they made a difference.

We get to do the same thing today because the mission isn’t accomplished.  In fact, wherever you are, you are part of  it.  It doesn’t matter what you do for a living, it’s what you do about living that matters. It’s what you do about your neighbors, your friends, your children, your family, your life that is the work today.

One of my friends likes to say that we have to do all the possibles and God will do the impossibles.  It seems to me that part of the way God does His impossibles  is by putting His possibility thinkers all together in one spot where they can help each other do amazing things.  He has them join hands to get the job done.  He never sends anyone out alone.  He likes teamwork.

The amazing thing is that if you accept His mission, all the miracle tools you need will be at your disposal.  You’ll discover help along the way in places where you least expect it.  You’ll be poised to succeed, to get to the victory.  Oh, and should you get caught doing your good deeds your team will avow every awesome thing you did to make a difference.  In fact, they’ll be cheering from the moment you answer the call.

Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me,  I am sending you.” John 20:21. Thanks for being part of the Mission Possible!

  1. Priscilla Newman says:

    Hi Karen,
    That was a good letter about Mission Impossible….We all can do anything though God…..Thanks

    Tracey’s Mom Priscilla

    • Karen says:

      Hi Priscilla, Thanks for taking the time to send me a note. I’m encouraged with any comments I receive here because I believe we’re all in this walk together and we don’t do anything well alone. Much joy to you today. Karen

  2. Kathleen Campbell says:

    This is fabulous! Thanks for sharing. I found the same thing when I lived in Turkey. Respecting others and honoring them as you live Christ while working and walking among them is the greatest way to show God’s love. I thank the Lord for you and how you share your talent as a writer for His glory.

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