When it hadn’t yet rained, Noah was out there sawing logs, getting his Espresso machine in order and planning to feed a few thousand of his favorite duo’s.  He didn’t know exactly what was ahead and most people thought he was simply a looney tune because how could it possibly flood in a land that didn’t even get much rain?  Apparently, Noah was a simple-minded guy.  He didn’t try to reason out what seemed impossible.  He didn’t even imagine that he needed to protest the events to come once they had been revealed to him by the God of the Universe.  No, his job was simply to become a master ship-builder, an astute manager of the inventories that would keep the kitchen running on full efficiency, and to do a little Veteranarian work on the side.  Tall order?  Perhaps, but he wasn’t in a position to argue.  He knew a secret that few people before or since actually have been able to grasp.  He knew that when he was teamed up with God, no matter how many Goliaths might be out there, he was in the majority, he was going to win.  He knew because he trusted the Source of his life.  He knew he might be building this vessel, but he wasn’t actually going to be in command of it.

Sometimes I wonder what Noah had that I have only glimpsed.  What made him stand firm against the culture of his generation to do what he was asked to do?  He was mocked by his peers.  He was taunted by those who passed by as he created a ship in the middle of a desert.  The fact is, he seemed utterly ridiculous.  So, what if he had caved?  What if he had said, “This is a bit nuts.  I wonder if God knows what He’s doing here.”  But, instead he got out his buzz saw and his drill and his bath tub toys and kept going.  He trusted the One that called him.

Most of us go in and out of some semblance of trusting God.  We trust our skills to get a job done.  We trust our friends.  We trust our own instincts or our bank accounts.  When we pair up, we pair up with things that make sense to us.  We go two by two in the same direction because it’s comfortable to have a friend along for the ride even if we don’t know where we’re going.  What would we do though if we were asked to do something really BIG for God?  Would we trust it enough to get all the way to a rainbow beginning or would we step aside from the task not quite able to believe our ears?

One reason we pair up is that on our own, we’re apt to wander off and get lost.  We’re apt to miss the defining moment simply  because we drifted off at the wrong time.  God designed us to go two by two…mates, friends, or simply hand in hand with Him so that we end up achieving the goal he set for us long ago.  It’s always good to do a little rain check.  See how far we’ve progressed and where we might need to stop and listen again for further instruction.  The Ark wasn’t Noah’s idea.  Your work may not be your idea.  All you can do is look to pair up as closely as possible with the One who inspired your heart and then seek others who understand your path.  Two by two by two…you’ll find smooth sailing.