When Adam and Eve fell short of the glory of God, they discovered that they didn’t like themselves nearly as much as they once did.  They wanted to hide out.  They wanted to cover themselves with fig leaves and they hoped God would pass them by in the garden.  It seems to me, we’ve been doing that ever since.  We do things that we know are a bit out of line, a little off the mark and then we hope God will pass by, that perhaps He won’t notice that thing we did.  Here’s what you might want to keep in mind…He knows!

God knows you like no one else can or ever will.  He knows you better than you know yourself because given a chance, you will even hide out from yourself.   How?  Well, you may allow yourself to be too busy for God.  After all, you have work to do, children to consider, parents to take care of, and so you simply don’t have time to pray or seek guidance.  You do things that are acceptable to your life culture, but that you know very well are probably not things you want to hold up in front of God.  Do you really want to take your thoughts and actions and lay them in front of God on the red carpet and see what He says about them?  Chances are good that  you don’t, after all He doesn’t understand why you smoke, or drink too much, or use His name in vain.  He doesn’t get why you ignore Him most of the time and expect Him to react when you cry out in a crisis.

What He does understand though, and this is the real point, is that you are more valuable to Him than anything He ever created.  Your life matters and your heart matters.  He sees you all the time and all He wants is to embrace you, love on you, and clothe you with joy and peace and the things that will offset the unfortunate circumstances life can bring.  You don’t have to hide out.  In fact, you can’t hide out.  You simply have to seek God’s presence, show up in prayer and He will be there with you.  You can walk toward Him as slowly as you want, but just knowing you are coming His way turning up the lightpsd

Rubies image
Rubies image

will send Him running to embrace you.  He loves you just as you are…the adorable you, and the despicable you!  Either way, He wants  you to come, sit down and talk, and share your life.

Who else do you know who wants to love on you that much?  God says, “Come over here, talk to me, and ask my forgiveness. You don’t have to hide anything from me because there is nothing I wouldn’t do for you.  I even sent my one and only Son to redeem all the despicable things about you…and make you my beloved friend forever.

Don’t look out at the world today if you’re seeking a refuge…look up to the One who sees you and loves you just as you are!