We are blessed today, (or so it seems) with a lot of Do-It-Yourself opportunities.  According to Home Depot, I can assemble, build, create and update nearly anything in my house…myself.  I can go online and learn anything from how to make a great souffle to how to crochet and I can do it myself.  If I need legal help, I can actually go over to my local Staples store and get some forms to do my own divorce, my own will, my own business incorporation.  It looks to me, like there’s not a whole lot I can’t do if I put my mind to it.

The thing is, I was created that way.  The One who gave me abilities and talents made me good at some things and not so good at others.  Being good at some things helps me to survive in the world and gives me a chance to mentor someone else.  Being not so good at some things means I have to cooperate with others, learn to share, learn to accept help along the way.  The truth is I wasn’t really created to “do it all myself.”  I was made to be interdependent, made for community, more than isolation.

When I think about it, since Easter is on the way, I wonder sometimes if we don’t also think that God has set up a big DIY store somewhere and expects us to come on in and gather enough tools to get out there and do it.  Okay, to some degree that may be so, but the catch is, there are a few things He knows we can’t do without Him.  One of the big ones is about our connection to Him.  We can stand on the outside looking in, knocking on the door, seeing the party inside, but if we don’t go in, well, we’re still on the outside.  He knows we have trouble making choices even when the invitation is for everyone, no strings attached.  He knows that in at least this one thing the DIY just won’t work.  His Easter gift to us was just that.  He did it so we wouldn’t have to.  He laid the foundation stone at Calvary just for us.

Personally, that awes me, it blows me away.  I have nothing to compare that to.  If I could build a mansion, or feed all the hungry people of the world, if I could heal someone’s illness or someone’s heart, or if I could write a New York Time’s Best-seller and become a household name, I’d still just be an amateur.  I’d still be only on aisle six looking at the various paint colors, wondering if I can even pick the right one for the job I want to do.

I love that God gave me a way to do a few things well and that He also gave me a way to understand that I can’t do everything myself.  I’m glad that He saw me in great need of partnership, of friendship, of family.  In understanding that need for me, He then made a way for me to have that with Him as well.  He gave me His only Son.

This Easter, when I consider what God has done, I’m still in awe!  I’m beyond grateful.  I’m glad He invited me to come on in where the house is already nicely built and where we contribute all we do out of love.

Now, if someone could only teach me how to build a nice bookshelf.  Hmmm…it’s Home Depot time!

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