It’s still early in the New Year and even if it wasn’t, you have an opportunity to help make your own dreams come true.  As we consider the vision Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. had for America, the dreams he had for causing us to see each other as human beings with similar needs, regardless of our race or creed, we might want to ponder something.  What is your vision?  What is my vision?  What do we dream?

Habbukuk 2:2 says, “Write a vision and make it plain upon a tablet.”  When God spoke to Moses on Mt. Sinai he did just that.  He wrote his vision on two tablets and made it plain.  Hundreds of years later, we still know what his vision was.  Will anyone know your vision a few short years from now?  Maybe it’s time to get it down on your IPad.

Of course, we weren’t all designed to be visionaries.  We weren’t all meant to lead others to any kind of promised land and yet, we all have dreams.  A friend of mine recently had cataract surgery and one of her comments about the process was that when it was over, she could see colors more vividly than she had been able to see them ever before.  She could see those colors almost as though they had life itself, they were so vibrant. This is awesome because she’s an artist and already sees things more clearly than many of us.   I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure I’m not seeing things  so vividly they come to life.  My vision is blurry and that gives me pause.

Though I’m not fond of confessing my flaws, I share this to suggest that we have a new opportunity today, right now to change our direction and create a new vision.  We can make it our focus and our intentional direction.  If you’re not clear even what your focus might be, than spend seven (one of God’s perfect numbers) days with the intention of meeting God at the same time each morning until you are certain that you can afix your vision to a precise target.  Once you do that, look at what is preventing you from moving forward and let it go.  Look at what you need to get there and go get the tools.  Look at where you expect to go and by this time next year, your dreams may well be on the way to coming true.

Keep dreaming, keep seeking what God has for you.  The fact is, He has a vision for your life…always has, always will.  He is a Master of all things and can help you get it done.  For your own sake, write your vision and make it plain.   You’ll see much more clearly what a vibrant life you’re meant to have!

I’m working on mine too.  Thanks for all those who have gone before us and reminded us that dreams are worthy of our attention.