Blessings are funny things.  We may see them as falling down on us like so many snowflakes on a beautifully bright snowy day.  We may see them like raindrops we try to collect in a barrel so that we have some when the days are dry and dusty again.  We may not see them at all even though they fall to our left and to our right all the time.

At Thanksgiving we gather together, if we are so fortunate to do so, with our families and our friends and we take a moment to pause, somewhere between the turkey trimmings and the pumpkin pie, to thank God for our blessings.  For some of us, the thanks sticks in our throats because life has taken a downturn and it’s difficult to see just what we have to be really grateful for.  We struggle to feel blessed at all.  In fact, we wonder if God has forgotten us.  Any good in our lives has been overshadowed by our concerns and conflicts.  We wonder what happened to the blessings we once knew.  We simply don’t have enough.

For some of us, thanks piles up like a deep dish apple pie and we know in truth that everything we have comes from our Father in heaven.  We know that no matter how talented or motivated we might be, in spite of our own efforts, we’re blessed.  We know that every little thing, from our ability to rise with a smile on our faces and our opportunity to retire in a warm  cozy bed at night, are gifts from God.  We know that any illusion we may have of creating our life experience, is simply that…God allowing us to create with him, not apart from him.  He blessed us with talents to share.  He blessed us to be a blessing to others.

So what would we imagine to be enough when it comes to gathering our bucket of  blessings?  When would we push the plate away and say, “That’s it, God.  Give some of my blessings to someone else.  I can’t take another helping.”

The truth is that we can’t begin to count our blessings no matter how cloudy our days may be.  As Charles Dickens said so long ago, “Reflect upon your present blessings–of which everyone has many–not on your past misfortunes, of which everyone has some.”  The thing to know for sure is that the One who created you, knows you and your situation.  He not only wants you to have enough, he wants you to have abundant joy, blessings without measure.

Whether you start Thanksgiving morning by thanking God that you are loved just because you’re you, or that you have the strength to get to the family gathering, or that you have people who are grateful to have you in their lives, or you’re simply glad for a new day, it won’t be long before you push past that place of wondering whether you have enough blessings.  You’ll quickly see that like the snowflakes that fall from the sky or the raindrops that pour down from heaven, that you can hardly dodge the blessings meant for you.  They are immeasureable.  They are the gifts you did not earn,  the treasures you carry within your heart.

Look around, better yet; look up!  See if you can truly ever get to the end of the list as you count your blessings.  If you find you simply don’t have enough blessings, please know that you are one of mine…always.