Somebody chose

To spend the day

Helping others

In a loving way.

So seeing a man

Along the road

Somebody offered

To carry his load.

Nobody expected

The joy it could bring,

But that one small gesture

Made both of them sing.

Everybody can

When they’re willing to choose,

Make somebody a winner

That was destined to lose.

Yes Somebody knew

The gifts he could share,

Because he too had  a time

When nobody was there.

For Nobody sees

When trouble starts brewing,

And Nobody knows

What Somebody is doing.

But Everybody needs

Special help now and then,

The gift of a smile,

The love of a friend.

God sees all the  needs

And hears every call

But He needs Everybody

So Nobody will fall.

Somebody wins

When we each do a part

So that Nobody suffers

A broken spirit or heart.

You’re Somebody special

And Nobody knows

The seeds you can plant

So Everybody grows.

You are Somebody

And each day brings the choice,

To reach out and deliver

God’s hands and His voice.

Whenever we have the opportunity, we should do good to everyone.  Galatians 6:10

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