Are you ever intimidated by what you have in front of you to accomplish?  Does it feel so overwhelming that you almost want to quit before you even get started?  Your energy feels zapped just thinking about it.  Even when you have a passion for something, there are days when you’re just plain weary, but there’s no time to rest.  Even Jesus got tired and hoped for some peace and quiet, a chance to get away from the ever-needy crowds, so it’s simply a fact of the human condition.

I don’t know about you, but I always love a challenge.  I get fired up, ready to embrace it, ready to go out and win in a big way.  I can start a book with great gusto, take on a new project with excitement, or look at changing a room around with a sense of what fun it will be when everything is back in place again.  I start that way and sometimes I even go through the process that way, but other times, especially if there’s been a hitch or two in the plans, that spark that got me into the project in the first place simply gets snuffed out.

Suddenly, I’m just a little dying ember, a mere puff of smoke of my former self.  That’s the point where I have to look again and begin to “faith it forward”.  That’s the place where I have to go back to God, check in with the director of my life and see if I got off the track, if I’m still moving along satisfactorily or if I need to refocus.  Sometimes there’s no direct answer, no clear indication of what to do.  Then I do what you probably do…I keep going, pray a bit more and trust that I’m faithfully discharging the duties that were set before me.  I start to look past my slumping energy, my sagging dreams, and say that somewhere up ahead is the answer I’ve been seeking and I need to just raise the banner of faith to charge on and get there.

Today is kind of like that.  I’ve just submitted my next book to the publisher, completed a huge book proposal for one of my clients, and now I’m treading a bit, wondering what the goal for me should be.  It’s always a mix of great hopes, new ideas and faith because that’s the foundation of life, at least for my life.  It’s a good thing and most of the time, I’m aware that those moments when I just walked somewhat blindly forward, actually did bring the right answers, the best direction.  That desire to walk in faith kept the light on, kept me focused, and kept me moving.

If you need a little power surge, a little extra energy for what’s in front of you today, just plug into the faith that is always ready to move you ahead.  Faith it forward.  Trust it.  Enjoy the process!

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