Hanging upside down, not only causes all the blood to rush to your head, it makes your heart pound a bit too loudly and your mind race like it’s part of the Daytona 500!  It’s not much fun if you stay there too long.  Most of us find life flips us to the down side without warning, without cause, and without anything that feels like God knows you’re barely hanging on.

Fortunately for us, our feelings aren’t the things that move God forward or keep Him dragging his feet.  He acts purely out of love for us, not out of some measure of how we’re feeling today.  Lately, I’ve been upside down and I will be the first to confess that when all that blood is rushing to my head, I don’t think very clearly.  In fact, I’m not always sure what I’m thinking.  All I know is that I can’t stay there.  I have to look for the knot on that proverbial rope, hold on, and find my way back up again.  The good news is that the One I’ve been shaking my puny fist at while I was so far down, is the very One that will start pulling that rope back up over the cliff I jumped over.  He’s the very one that will put me back on solid ground.  He was just waiting for me to look up again.  He just needed my permission to pull me back to Himself.

Somehow swinging on that rope, right side up, makes things better.  I begin to see more clearly, assist in the climb back to the top, and stand strong once again.  I begin to see that faith and reason do not always exist in forms I can understand.  I’m humbled by the very fact that God continues to love and support me even when I’m not reasonable.  Pascal said, “It is the heart which is conscious of God, not the reason.  This then is faith: God is sensible to the heart, not to the reason.”

We often try to encourage each other when things go upside down to hang on, to hang in there, and to trust that good will come.  Maybe it’s not pleasant to hang in, or to hang on, but as long as the rope is still in your hand, you have a chance to be pulled back up, renewed and revived.  You have a chance for the faith that really sustains you to show itself to you once again.  If anything is going to reel you in today, let it be your faith, not your fear.  Let it be your heart full of trust and belief.

There’s an upside to every down, a positive and possible option in every circumstance.  Grab it when it comes along.  Hold on tight and keep looking up.  The climb may not be as far as you think.

For me,  I’m always glad to know you keep hanging in there with me.  I feel better all ready.  How loved we are!