I love this Psalm (103) that says, “But the Lord’s faithful love is from forever ago to forever from now for those who honor him.”

Wow!  In a world where so many things feel like they could last simply disappear, that’s a comforting thought.  How many of us thought we had a lasting love when we got married, or that we had a lasting career when we left college?  How many of us thought we had friendships that would always be there, or talents we could count on to keep us going?

The fact is that life is indeed an ever-changing, ever-evolving and growing experience.  Nothing is really permanent.  I remember being young enough that I couldn’t imagine being an old woman.  I remember thinking opportunities were endless and if one faded, another would easily take its place, like springtime grass after a rain.  I remember thinking people I loved would always be there and life itself would be carried out in some neat, orderly, predictable way.  Stop the music!  Fast forward to today…oh, my…but nothing is permanent that I can touch, see, or feel.  Only one thing is apparently possible from “forever ago to forever from now.”

That message comes as a promise because it reminds us that there is always a reason to feel good, to feel accomplished and special.  We can look forward to tomorrow, even if our tomorrows are not shaping up the way we expected.  In fact, the slippery slopes of life may well serve to teach us all the ways to hold on…to truth…to love…to each other.

So what will we do?  Shall we spend our days mourning our lost youth, our passing opportunities, those things that didn’t last even when we were so certain they would?  Or, will we look at today and be grateful for what it contains, what new possibilities it might bring, what moments of joy may come?  Imagine the excitement of your Creator as He looks at you, knowing the gifts and surprises and treats that are already prepared for you here and now.  Imagine what fun it is to see your child discover those treats and see the joy on a smiling face when it happens.  Picture a child searching for beautiful colored eggs on Easter morning and then finally finding the beautiful basket made just for them.  Squeals of delight ensue.  That’s the picture to hold of what God has for you…beautiful things to discover, some surprises that even you couldn’t imagine.

You’re in a great place today…fully loved…fully known, from forever ago to forever from now.