It’s always exciting to start something new.  Every idea sounds like a good one, every person you meet seems to be directed to your path just to make sure your dream happens.  You experience an adrenalin rush that makes the whole world seem bigger, better and possible.  This time, you feel pretty sure, this time things are going to work out and you’ll really get to the finish line.  But then when you’re ready to launch, chugging along at full speed, the gears of possibility suddenly come to a grinding halt.  Everything you hoped for stands still.  What does that mean?

I’m reflecting on this notion one more time because starting over has become my specialty.  Dreaming, hoping, jumping in, grinding halt, switch gears, reinvent, start over has become a way of life for me.  In this process though, God has blessed me over and over, from start to start.  Each time I’ve had a chance to learn something new about myself, get a glimpse of what else is possible, and understand that there are more dreams to be had, more choices to be made and more opportunities to start again.

Like me, you may have discovered that life seldom gives you a quick trip from point A to point B.  Whether that happened in your work life, or your marriage, or the way your kids grew, or in some other way, you began to see that the dips and turns were definitely in the road.  At times you probably felt good walking along the “yellow brick road” only to experience a wilderness path as you turned the bend.  You may have crossed your own Red Sea just in time to see the past slip away in the waters of yesterday.  Perhaps you even saw the light walking along your own Damascus Road.  Whatever gets you where you need to go, whatever gets you to start again, whatever gets you to fully rely on God that’s the place where dreams manifest.

So here we go, charting yet another course, setting our compass to True North, the direction fully intended for us so that when we get there, we can celebrate the victory.  When we get there we can look back just for a moment and smile at what we accomplished, maybe not in the dream itself, but in making it that far and in trusting the God of our hearts to be there at every turn.

Goethe is quoted as saying, “There are but two roads that lead  to an important goal and to the doing of great things: strength and perseverance.  Strength is the lot of but a few privileged men; but austere perseverance, harsh and continuous, may be employed by the smallest of us and rarely fails of its purpose, for its silent power grows irresistibly greater with time.”

Perseverance is indeed part of the road, strength another, but I would add faith as a third.  We must begin any dream, any new walk, with the idea that we are meant to succeed, that we have One who guides our way and sees us on the path, never leaving us to go it alone.  We are surrounded by cheerleaders, those who hope for us, pray for us, even sometimes envy the fact that we’re willing to take the journey at all.

From start to start, from heart to heart, we’re in this together and every path eventually will lead us to our destination, the place where purpose and love meet, grateful for trust and faith who made it all possible.  As I gather my things together to make a new start yet again, I’m thankful more than I can say for every road that brought me to a new dream, a new possibility.  God is good!

  1. Lynne Drysdale Patterson says:

    We can be assured that our goal in this life is to become more like Jesus. Romans 8:28-29 speaks to this. Please read it as a point of reference to the rest of my blurb.

    If we can realize ” becoming more like Jesus ” as our focus and keep our eyes off ourselves, our circumstances and worldly goals ( although important when God given), imagine the peace we could possess and share from a Rockc solid foundation. And we could know we’re surrounded by cheerleaders ” that great cloud of witnesses ” Paul talks about in Hebrew 1:2. This surely must be my goal!

    • Karen says:

      Thanks for your thoughts, Lynne. I know we both know a lot about trying again to get moving in the direction we believe God would want us to be. Hope things are unfolding well for you. I’ll be leaving CR in December and moving to Florida in January…Hugs to you, Karen

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