Bruce and I have been married now nearly sixteen months and it’s safe to say we’re still learning about each other.  I suspect we’ll continue the learning process for as long as God grants us time together here on this earth.  For example, I’ve learned that he can fall asleep as soon as his head hits the pillow or even sooner.  He’s learned that I have a thing about shutting cupboard doors and not drinking milk out of the container in the fridge.  Little things, but important to the peace of a household.  I’ve also learned that my knight in shining armor is patient and kind.

In December when we came home with our nearly ten foot Christmas tree, we were all excited.  It was beautiful and somehow out there in the tree lot, it didn’t seem as formidable as it did in our efforts to hoist it up the stairs into our apartment.  We have high ceilings, so it seemed like a good plan until the tree stand boasting that it could hold a ten foot tree, rebelled and the tree came crashing down right on top of Bruce.  As I struggled to get the tree off of him, he just remarked that our first plan did not work well.  Since neither he nor the tree were broken, we made another attempt to set it up straight and feeling satisfied went on to adorn its limbs.  Sometime later that evening, we were in different parts of the house when we heard a somewhat disheartening crash.  Yes, the tree had fallen over again!  We had to clean up all the broken ornaments, take all the lights off and totally start again.  Though I worried that this may make the tree a short guest in our house, Bruce patiently went through the process and we set the tree aglow once more.  This time we leaned it image016against the wall and anchored it with a chord.  When our beautiful angel shone brightly from its top, we were grateful for all the joy it brought during the season.  I learned that when my husband believes something is important to me, he has infinite patience.

Sometimes I think my life with God is kind of like this tree thing.  I come to God totally excited about what I think I can do, planning to stand tall for Him and shine His light.  Then before I even get started, I fall over in a heap and wonder how I got where I am.  Other times, I do a great job letting my light shine, only to crash unexpectedly when some little troubles keep me from standing firm in my faith.  It always brings me great joy when I actually allow God to fill up my heart and life with His presence in a way that keeps my light shining.

So I’m grateful for my husband’s awesome example.  Oh, and I have to share one more story that just happened last night.  I was feeling a bit puny yesterday so I didn’t eat much and around midnight, feeling better, I decided I needed to go make some toast.  As I reached for the light switch, I noticed an incredibly large roach sitting right on top of my kitchen table just boldly taking in the world.  We rarely have roaches in the house, but this is Florida and so they show up now and then.  Of course, I could not make toast with that intruder in the kitchen.  I’m also not terribly friendly with the insect world, so I had no choice but to check with my sleeping knight and enlist his aid in the matter.  What I learned about my husband was that a sleepy knight will rise to the occasion, send the intruder running, and finally capture him, and then sweetly go back to dreamland.  I was amazed.  God is so good to me!