I fell asleep last night as some kind of April Fool and woke up miraculously on Good Friday.  That’s a pretty powerful night’s sleep!  One moment people can play jokes on me, fool me one way or another, albeit with simply playful intentions, and I then come out on the other side to what is arguably the most sacred day on the Christian calendar.  It’s the day when we get to take a peek into what it really means when we say God is good.  No matter how old you were when you first heard those words, how many times you repeated them in Sunday school, they still carry some kind of awe, some questions, and some inability to actually understand the truth of them.

God is good.  I can say that glibly or meaningfully or with real conviction.  I can say those words because they have a foundation that we now call Good Friday.  One way that I understand the meaning of this  is to think of the word good in terms of what God has done.  In one sense, Good means, God Overcomes Our Death.  In other words God has found a way to bring us home again when the game of life is over.  He’s found a way to embrace us so that we can live with Him when our work here is done.  So that really is good!

Good could also mean God Owns Our Days.  That might mean that He bought us on this particular day so that we could be free to live life to the fullest.  He bought us so that we aren’t slaves to the less impressive aspects of ourselves, that we don’t have to remain in the sorriest state we might have to offer, but in the most glorious possibility that we can become because of His complete love for us.  That’s so good!

I’d like to think that good also means God Overshadows Our Doubts.  God takes us right where we are and He simply starts to love on us.  He says I know you, I already bought you, I always claim you and even when you suffer from doubt and uncertainty, I’m right here.  In fact, I’m even closer to you in those doubts because I can see you need me more than ever.  You should never have to suffer any doubt because I’m with you always, even to the end of time.  Wow, that’s really good!

And even though there are many ways we could look at what good means when it comes to God, the other one I want to mention today is that God is also the One who sees our hearts desires, anticipates our dreams and embraces us in despair.  Good means that God Opens Other Doors!  He walks in front of us to find a new path, beside us to whisper new hope, and behind us to encourage each step.  His door is always open and when we knock, even timidly, He hears and He opens the door and though we might be blinded temporarily by a flood of more light than we’ve ever known, we can rise to a new day, refreshed and ready, with a resurrected heart and an eternal love.  My, that’s just amazingly good.

So I wish you a Good Friday and a blessed celebration of all that Easter brings.  I guess if I was going to put all my eggs in one basket, well…this would be the one.

  1. Debra Stokes says:

    Just lovely, Karen.
    Thank you for your obedience to share the Good News of the Gospel!
    When I wished my brother “Happy Good Friday”, this morning, I commented that it was good for us, but bad for Jesus. He quickly reminded me that Jesus chose to suffer the cross, partly because He already knew the outcome, but mostly because He loved us that much.
    May you experience newness of life this Easter morning!
    All the best,

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