Doesn’t the potter have the power over the clay to make one pot for special purposes and another for garbage from the same lump of clay?

Romans 9:21

I don’t know about you, but I like to imagine that God had a plan when he designed me.  In fact, I like to think if he was going to pick me out at Williams Sonoma, he would be pleased to see how unique I was among all the other pots and pans and cutting knives and colorful spatulas on the shelf.  I wonder if he would muse about whether he could afford such a valuable instrument, whether I was worth putting out the extra bucks to acquire.  On the other hand, my unique qualities may not appeal to the Creator of the universe if I didn’t have a specific job to do, something beyond being a cool gadget.  Anyway, it strikes me that we’re all God’s Gadgets and we were each designed for something incredible.

If you do any cooking or woodworking, or gardening you know that having the right tools and utensils makes all the difference.  A fork might work to eat some soup if it’s hearty enough, but a spoon is so much better.

If you look at yourself as someone created by God and designed for a very particular purpose, you can appreciate the wisdom of the Father in placing you right where you are.  He has a job to accomplish and he’s set you up to make sure it gets done.  Sure, there are others with a similar design, but the fact is, there’s only One YOU!   You’re it.  He totally is depending on your expertise because it’s the job he created you to do.  I suspect that Jesus didn’t have a runner up for doing the job he was called to do, and neither do you.

Sometimes we wonder what our job really is.  Sometimes we want to be a lemon zester when we were really called to be a potato peeler.  We can try to be something else, but it doesn’t work as well and doesn’t give us the same sense of  satisfaction.   We may even begin to question our Creator’s plans, suggesting he made a mistake with our design.  After all, we’re not as smart as some, not as attractive as others.  We feel more like the lump of clay than the beautiful pot.

The truth is God believes you’re some of his best handiwork.  He sees you as good at what you do and trusts you to stay involved and useful.  You have a purpose and he’s excited to see you thrive as you do his work.  It’s a new day and rather than wonder or question why you were created, give God thanks and praise for making you exactly as you are. Ask him to guide you into doing all that you can to fulfill your purpose.  You’re a great gadget!