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Taught by  Karen Moore

I highly recommend Karen Moore’s greeting card writing course.  After completing the six lessons I had a better understanding of greeting card markets and freelancing.  Karen’s direction was clear and constructive and her suggestions to improve my phrasing were very effective. She obviously has an in-depth understanding of the industry and I gained valuable information from her guidance.  Best of all, I came away with more confidence to pursue my goal of writing greeting cards.    – Patricia McDonald


This is a self-paced course with six lessons that will give you an overview of the writing styles used most frequently in the greeting card industry.  By the time you complete the course you will be able to determine if this kind of writing is right for you.

The terms of the class will be these:

  • Six lessons that focus on:
    • Getting to know the industry (writing for a variety of markets, getting to know your strengths and style)
    • Inspirational writing (writing for Christian markets and using literary quotes and Scriptures well)
    • Humor writing (writing all kinds of humor from short one-liners to long rhyme to fun prose.)
    • Writing for Kids (writing for licensed properties, kids of all ages, long rhyme and short rhyme, rebus and other styles)
    • Perfecting writing styles (looking at your strengths, we’ll help develop your styles and look at other avenues for creating greeting card copy for all styles of cards)
    • Seasonal Writing (focus on writing for Christmas boxed cards and counter card lines, and a few Valentines and Mother’s Day)

Course fees:

This is personal, one to one training.  I’ll email you each of the six lessons, one at a time; you do the assignment and I’ll critique and offer professional coaching throughout the process over the phone.  You do these at your pace.  When you’re done, we’ll take the top ten pieces you’ve submitted and I’ll help you find publishers for submission.  Because this takes a lot of time for me to do this, I’ll offer these lessons at $125 each.  When you’ve completed the course, if you want more tutoring, I’ll do so for an agreed upon time frame and an hourly rate of $150.00.  You can pay these fees all at once, or half up front and half at lesson 4.  Hourly rate coaching is for a minimum of 4 hours.

The course will be supported by my book,  Write Greeting Cards like a Prothat you can purchase and download from my website.  Please let me know if you have any questions and when you might like to begin these lessons.

Karen Moore

Greeting Card Industry Consultant and Writer

Write Greeting Cards like a Pro