Some of us are good at finding a home and making it our own and staying put for a long time, sometimes forever.  We probably all know people who are still in the same city where they were born and they’re mighty glad to be there.  Others of us are a bit more prone to folding up our tents and moving on down the river just to see what else is around the bend.

I must be more like that since I’ve lived in the south, the west, the east and several points in-between.  I’ve been known to move five times in the same city just looking for the right place to call home.  Now that I’m living here in Costa Rica, I think I just have to admit I’m some kind of gypsy woman.  To be honest though, I like what it does for me.

Every new place has given me a powerful gift…the chance to learn more about myself.  As with any learning process, it isn’t always easy and I don’t always get A’s on my traveling report card, but I always go away blessed for having been there.

One blessing is simply the understanding that God put me in a very large family.  Each time I move, especially when I move somewhere without one friend or one actual family member, I learn that I still don’t move alone.  The One who loves me unconditionally always arrives right at the same time  and quickly starts to show me around.  Though we may be momentary strangers,  it doesn’t take long  before I’m making cheesecake for a whole new group of cleverly disguised family members.  If it had only happened once, I might think it was just a bit of luck, but from New York to Mississippi to Long Island to Cleveland to Colorado to Columbus to Tennessee, it’s always been true.  My “family” just seems to be there.  Sometimes it even feels like they’ve been waiting for me to come home.

In case you don’t know this, gypsies are very grateful for this special phenomenon.  We really are home bodies after all, but we’ve just redefined what that means.  So, to my whole family out there in the world, and you know who you are…I send you big love and gratitude today for sharing the way with me.   It helps me understand more fully what Jesus meant when He said “I will never leave you, nor forsake you.”

It’s the same with all of you.  You have Him and you have me.  We’re all in this together.

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