In case you haven’t noticed this yet, 2011 is officially at the half way point.  I don’t know about you, but I find that awesome and intimidating to consider.  First of all, I’ve barely formed the direction I was hoping the year would go.  In that regard I’m not quite ready for it to be past February.  It’s a dilemma that we all face as we watch the days just melt into each other.  I’m finding myself aspiring to get up earlier and earlier to simply have more time to complete all the things I had hoped would get done.

I like to think there’s no rush, but my five year plan from three years ago isn’t in place yet and my five year plan from ten years ago left me in the dust too.  Now some of you that know me may suspect I’m having the jitters because my birthday is about to come around again too.  Yipes!  Not only is the year half over, I’m half over!!!  Okay, well, only God knows that I guess, but it’s getting a bit too close for comfort.  What happened to those invincible teen years when we thought we would live forever and time seemed to drag on and on and on?

Since we’re all standing here together, at the midyear crisis point, let’s agree to dig in and discover at least one thing before the year ends that we accomplished well, that we cheer about in our chats with God and are grateful to have achieved.  It may not be a big thing and it doesn’t have to be.  It just needs to be your thing, the thing you and God already designed together.  There’s no time to waste, no taking half measures.  It’s time to knock it out of the ballpark, over the fence and beyond.

It’s time to rise up with gratitude and a can-do attitude and make the second half of the year better than you could have imagined.  You’re not on a Mission Impossible.  You’re totally ready, totally equipped to take the mission to the finish line.  Oh, I can hear people already applauding.  Might even be the angels cheering you on.

Go on now, as that redneck Cable Guy, Larry says…”Git ‘er done!