Oh, sure, I know that Valentine’s Day came and went on the fourteenth.  It’s great to have a particular date on the calendar that causes us to pause and reflect on  this thing called love.  We enjoy special forms of love with those who are near and dear to us.  So, what if we extend the holiday?  What if we make today another love day?  Or tomorrow?

Since the One who created you is all about love, it would do his heart good to know that you stop, and consider, and enjoy the idea of his love and the love of others every day.  In fact, the whole world would benefit if a giant love fest simply swept across the planet. Imagine a day when the news is only GOOD!  Imagine what it would be like if we read story after story of how love is making a difference in every heart, every culture, every place in the world.  What if love drove us on and caused us to give more than we ever thought we could give.  What if we were immersed in the idea that kindness is what really matters and that speaking and listening are the chief influencers in the things we do day to day.  What if love was actually a priority that you set at each sunrise?

When we question why love does not seem to abound, why we are starved for love even within ourselves, we can only find one answer.  Love has to start with me.  Love has to start with you.  Love has to be a primary motive and objective, moving past the people you can love easily, and embracing even those that are more difficult for you.  If you accept Jesus as your Valentine, you’ll discover that he doesn’t set a condition on your heart that says, love me and a select few of others.  He says love me and love others just as I love them.

So it’s another “Happy Love Day!”  If you need more hearts and flowers, just send me a note and I’ll offer you a reminder of just how precious you are.  Everything about your day is heart-shaped.  Everything about you is designed for love.  This may be the one thing over which you actually have control.  Have a love-filled, grace-filled, joy-filled day!two angelsimage016