John Wesley made a rather profound comment when he said, “When I was young I was sure of everything; in a few years, having been mistaken a thousand times, I was not half so sure of most things as I was before; at present, I am hardly sure of anythinng but what God has revealed to me.”

Some of us collect knowledge, our own absolutes, our mantras like marbles.  We keep them close to us in a little pouch and any time someone threatens to make us think differently or wants us to see the world from a new perspective, we pull out a marble and assure ourselves we were right all along.  After all, we have the proof right in our hands.   It’s important to most of us to be right, whatever that means.

In general, we quip that someone who has lost his marbles may be on shaky ground, perhaps out of his mind. Yet, it occurs to me that it’s the ones who have been willing to give up their own bag of marbles in the search for something as yet undefined, who discovered the secrets that made them truly wise.  They discovered that the only Right One in the Universe, now and always is the God who created us.  Therefore, His knowledge and wisdom, will never quite make sense to those of us who want to safely tuck all we know into our own little knapsack.  What would happen to us if we simply dropped the marbles and let them roll where they would?  What would happen if we followed them to a new perception, a new destination?

It’s safe to say we’ll never really grasp what it means to be smart or to be wise.  We recognize though that in order for change to happen, someone has to pull a marble out of the stack and let the rest of them begin to roll.  Someone has to see that remaining fixed on an idea, on a person, on a job, or on a personal goal is like hoarding marbles.  It may protect us from moving on, from growing and changing, but it won’t give us the chance to keep seeing that we were designed with infinite possibilities.  We could set all the marbles rolling, follow a different one on a different day and end up in an amazing spot, one we never even imagined was possible.  Opening the doors of grace, opening our hearts and minds to new possibility may be as simple as losing our marbles, letting them go long enough to see what else God wants for us.

The point here is to not let go of all the knowledge you possess, but to let it go and grow you into a new form of itself, building on knowledge to gain wisdom.  It’s risky!  It’s scary!  It’s the open road to all that’s possible.

Now, has anyone seen my red marble?  I really do love that one.  Okay…let’s keep rolling.  Just keep in mind that all things are possible with Our Creator!