I don’t know about you, but sometimes I act like God is probably too  busy to take my calls.  When I do that, I usually find myself going about my business as though I was on this planet all by myself, as though God did not know me by my first name.  It’s always somewhat baffling to me, when I finally realize that I’m the one who walked off, that I’m the one who feigned busyness…God was there all along.  If God had a business card, I’m sure it would simply say…God…Call any time…You Know Where to Find Me!

A while back, I wrote a book called Becoming a Woman of Worth Prayer Book.  It offers prayers to help readers get started in their conversations with God.  I’m currently writing a new book on prayer that will come out later next year.  As I was musing about my efforts today, I was thinking about how HUGE this whole idea about prayer really is.  Here we are, positioned all over the planet, with a direct line to the Creator of the Universe.  We don’t even need cell towers.  How awesome is that?  I can’t even get the cable guy on the phone that easily.  I wonder, in fact, if we really took this prayer thing seriously, I mean really engaged God in conversation all the time, just how different our lives would be.

Many of us are fairly regular prayer people.  Some of us are actual prayer warriors, but a lot of us are more of the “I’ll get back to you, later” variety when it comes to prayer.  We imagine we could pray, but life gets in the way.  Fortunately, we don’t treat the air we breathe that way.   God doesn’t say, if you ask for air, I’ll give it to you.  Instead, He provides the air every second of your life.  Prayer is air!  Prayer can give you the chance to breathe again when life has tightened its grip all around your throat.  Prayer can lift you up when you are sinking like a stone faster than you can say, “amen.”

My thought today is simply this.  Give God a chance to personally sit with you.  You have a direct line to the One who planned good things just for you.  After all,  the best way to get to know somebody is to spend time with them.  I’m pretty sure God won’t be too busy to hear from you.  If any of you have thoughts you’d like to share with me about your favorite ways to pray, that might help me as I write my new book and remind me to keep praying too.   Here’s my prayer:  May God lavish you with love and pick up the phone when you call.  Amen.