Swing…and a miss!  Swing…and a miss!  That’s all that goes through your mind as you sit on the bench one more time, waiting for another chance up at bat.  Next time, you think to yourself; next time you’ll hit it out of the ball park.

It may not have been that long since your last try, but sitting on the bench can feel like an eternity.  It can feel like the game may even be over before you get a chance to be up again.  What do you do while you’re sitting on the sidelines?

Consider what you can do from the bench, that you can’t really do when you’re finally at bat again.  For one thing, you can get a broader perspective.  You can see the whole field of players.  You can visualize what it will be like when you’re facing the pitch again, when you’re running like crazy, looking for the safe place to stand.  You can picture the crowd cheering as you round second base, getting ready to slide into third.  You can take in the smells in the air and the excitement of a close score.  You can remember how exciting it is when you have to run faster and harder, when you barely make it, but you do make it.  You imagine what it’s like when you steal home and the crowd goes wild.  It’s a big moment, a day to be remembered.  Yes, you can imagine all of that from the place where you’re sitting.

Along with that broad perspective is the even greater awareness that you have a calling, a job to do that no one else can do quite like you can.  No one else has your talent for finding the zone, getting in the best position for a win and keeping your eye on the ball.  No one else does your part on the team.  You’re simply the best.  Knowing you’ve been called to the team, that God has His eye on your performance makes it even more important to do it right the next time out.  Oh, you may be doing it for the applause, the rush, the glow that comes from doing good work, but that’s not the whole story, that’s not even the real game.  At least it’s not your game.

When you’re on the bench, you’re still suited up, you’re still ready to play.  You’re still important to the team.  You have to know how everything has been going, just what the mood is on the field, just where the key plays can be made.  You have to know all that because it won’t be long before they’re calling your name again.  It’ll be your turn once more.  Come on now, get ready…You’re up!

Go get ’em!