Probably we don’t arise with the morning sunshine and think, “I wonder how I can tick God off today.”  In fact, if anything, we rise with a hope that it is a  new day and maybe we’ll do better today than we did yesterday. If we had to make a list of yesterday’s events, we might see a few things that prove to be less than our best.  The writer of Proverbs 6:16-19 had some thoughts on things we do that simply do NOT please God no matter what.  Let’s look at them.

God doesn’t like “snobbish eyes.”  Hmmm, did you ever notice someone who seemed to look past you, or who had such an air of self-importance, you just couldn’t connect with them?  We probably would admit that we don’t much like people who are arrogant or self-centered.  Mostly we don’t like the fact that they close the door in our faces, and maybe they even do that to God.

God doesn’t like “a lying tongue.”  That lying thing is tricky.  Of course, we all know what out and out deceit is all about and we avoid that, but sometimes “little” lies creep in, or that dreaded thing of lying to ourselves makes an appearance.  What we say impacts everyone around us and God knows the truth of us, so there’s no reason to lie to Him.  That must be why the “truth sets you free.”

God doesn’t like “hands that spill innocent blood.”  Well, we feel pretty safe on this one because we would never even imagine taking someone else’s life.  But, we may not be totally off the hook if we allow poisonous words to linger in the heart of someone we love.  Our words and our example can make a big difference and even kill someone else’s spirit.

God doesn’t like “a heart set on wicked plans.”  It seems like we read about this story in the paper every day. God isn’t the only one who doesn’t like this.  Let’s pray to be protected from those who have wicked intentions in the world.

God doesn’t like “feet that run quickly to evil.”  Okay, this one is easy…run away…just run away.

God doesn’t like “a false witness who breathes lies.”  The courts are overcrowded with the law suit makers and those who take an oath to tell the truth, but don’t.  I’m starting to see a pattern here. Aren’t you?

And finally, Proverbs says, God doesn’t like “those who create conflict among relatives.”  Wow!  Family dramas abound and usually someone in the family is keeping the flames of discontent alive.

Well, I know that our aim is to do all we can to please God because we want to be obedient to Him and loving toward each other.  Happily He forgives us when we make a mess of things.  Sometimes though, it helps to remember that there’s a fine line between those things that please God and those things that grieve His heart.

Let’s stand together and do all we can to make God smile.  image016