Yesterday at church, the sermon was on reconciliation.  It was a great sermon with six steps to help us get past the excuses we give ourselves for not letting go of hurtful situations in our lives.  Sometimes we were at fault; sometimes somebody else was.  Either way, we simply hold on to those old offenses. As our pastor noted, time does not actually heal those wounds. Every time we think about them, we make them fresh all over again. We add salt to those wounds so they become even worse. In the story we continue to tell ourselves and anyone else who will listen, we were just innocent victims.

The crocodile in your life may surprise you.  It may not be the person who offended you a long time ago or even last week.  The crocodile may just be you.  The one you’re wrestling with is the one you see in the mirror. You are holding on to the negative situation and keeping it close to your heart or holding it up for the world to see.  What can you do then to reconcile with yourself, with your own cranky, inner crocodile?  Here are a couple of thoughts.

You can decide to stop feeding the crocodile.

You can drop the croc and seek the Rock.  You can put the offense at the foot of the cross and leave it there.

You can seek to forgive the situation and send the crocodile back to the swamp.

You can pick a new story, one that uplifts your spirits and enthusiastically share that one with anyone who will listen.

You can remember that we all need a little forgiveness sometimes and maybe the best place to start is with yourself.

Remember that old story is just a croc!  You’ve got good news to share now!

Okay, I’m sending my old cranky crocodiles back to the swamps today. Whew! That feels so much better!turning up the lightpsd