Knowledge is gained by learning; trust by doubt; skill by practice; and love by love.

                                                            Thomas Szasz

It’s not always easy to figure life out, to try to understand how all the pieces fit together.  When things aren’t going well, it can feel like you’ve simply got the wrong pieces for your personal jigsaw puzzle.  The fact is that like a good jigsaw puzzle, you can’t always see the whole picture until you get enough of the pieces together.  You can see the edges and eventually the border design, but the interior pieces can allude you for some time as you try to figure out what goes where.  After all, there are a thousand pieces to pull together.

If you take one piece at a time, using a sort of trial and error, learn as you go method, you’ll find some of the right pieces.  If you build a framework that looks right, then you may simply have to trust that you’ll be able to finish the work even when doubt sets in.  The more you keep working with it, the better you’ll get and ultimately, your effort will pay off.  Your skill will improve with practice.

The final picture will come together, but it means you had to know from the start that it would.  You had to know that the beginning and the end would take you to the same place because truth begets truth and love begets love.

Figuring things out is partly about the end result, but it’s mostly about the process and how you get there is important to God.  Take it one piece at a time today.