I thought I’d confess who I voted for in this past election.  I voted for you.  I voted for each one of you who wants to be the change you hope to see in the world.  I voted for your strength and your kindness of heart.  I voted for your ideals and your dreams.  I voted that you would remember that leadership is and always has been in your hands.  You are the one with a voice that can make a difference.  You are the one who can champion a cause that is dear to your heart.  After all, you live in a democratic country that allows you to speak up for those things that you feel need to change.

Whether or not the candidate of the day is elected is not nearly as important as what you will do from here.  How will you show leadership that helps those who are in poverty? How will you make sure that people who are different from yourself have the opportunity to be treated with respect and to live in freedom?  The job has not ended.  Your power is not gone.  In fact, it may have changed up a notch just because you realize how important it is for you to live in victory.  It is not time for you to fold up your tent and go home.  It is time to ask yourself what can you do to make things better? How can you bring positive light to things that need to change?  How can you support the opportunity you have to make this world a better place?

I am glad I voted for you because I know you can do it.  You can rise to the occasion better than any politician will ever do.  You can be the joy of your family, the wisdom of your neighborhood, the heart of your city.  You hold all of those things in your hand.  This is not a time to think small.  This is a time to stand for what you believe in more than you ever have before.  Obviously, you can’t do it with violence or hatred which only perpetuates the problems.  You have been called to love and to trust that there is only One supreme ruler and leader of this world or any other.  You are part of the possibility and that’s why I knew it was so right to vote for you.

Today, I am thanking God for His wisdom in choosing you so long ago.  Yes, He voted for you too.  Together, we can effect the changes we believe are important in our personal lives, and in the lives of people everywhere.  Let the celebration begin for you have a bright future ahead of you and there’s so much work to do!  Thank you for being you!  I know you will make a difference wherever you are!image016