Technology has given all of us a chance to be better communicators, better able to stay in touch with each other.  We almost have no excuse for not keeping connected these days.  Though the art of handcrafted letters may well be a thing of the past, creative emails and profound messages on social networks abound.  On any day of the week, hundreds of opportunities pop up to be inspired, to be reflective, and to be present in the moment.  In the world of leaders and followers, we get to post a thought for the day in 140 characters and offer each other incredible insights and favorite quotes.

All that considered, I can’t help wondering what Jesus would do if He was suddenly in a culture like ours.  Would He have followers on Twitter?  Would He follow His favorites?  Would He send out a pithy message for each day so we could have a pearl of wisdom at a moment’s notice to keep us strong and grounded?  Imagining that He might offer us that kind of opportunity, let’s pretend for a moment that we’re following Jesus on Twitter.  I think these might be some of His tweets…

  • Just wanted to remind you I’m here for you anytime!
  • Hey, did I mention how awesome you are?  Keep going on that kindness thing.
  • Thanks for noticing that I have friends everywhere who need your help.
  • Nobody can bring what you bring to my world.  You rock!
  • Sure do miss you…let me know when you have time to talk a bit.
  • Hey I woke up happy today just knowing you were out there taking care of my children.
  • If I can help you in any way, don’t hesitate to ask…I’m always right near by.
  • You may not see me just now, but if you listen, you can hear me.
  • If you need a good word, just take a look in my book.  I’m here to answer questions and I autographed it just for you.
  • What can I do for you that would make your life more full and complete?
  • Just wanted to encourage you in your work today and remind you that we’re in this together.
  • You’re an answer to my prayers.   Thanks for all you do for me.
  • You really are true to your word and that makes me always want to be true to my word too.
  • Wow!  You’ve got that love for your neighbor thing down!  I can’t help but smile!
  • I’ll be following you all the days of your life.  Thanks for inviting me in.

Who knows what all Jesus might want to share in his tweets…but somehow it makes me happy to imagine it.  Maybe we can tweet to each other in a voice that sounds like Him any chance we get.   My tweet for today is…I’m sure happy you’re here in my corner.   Blessings and joy to you!

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