Recently I’ve had the opportunity to write a fabulous devotional for my friends at the United Methodist Publishing House.  This beautiful book, built on the release of the new Common English Bible translation will be out in October.  The  book is called Wellspring–365 Meditations to Refresh Your Soul.  I hope it will become part of your morning routine and give you a splash of extra joy and energy to go about your day.  I thought I’d share a portion of one of the devotional pieces included in the book because it really speaks to my heart.  I hope it speaks to yours too. The Wellspring entry is called, “All Washed Up” and it goes a lot like this.

We have some unique phrases in the English language.  Those phrases have different meanings depending on the context for which they’re used.  One of those  is this one…”all washed up.”  If you’ve thrown in the towel and simply given up on life, you may feel “all washed up.”  You may feel a bit like a beached whale or like a fish out of water.  It may be disconcerting at best, hard to breathe at worst and simply not what you expected in one way or another.  You may even wonder how you got there.

Then there’s a sweeter version, the one where your mother asked, “Are you all washed up for dinner?”  Of course you ran to the faucet and did the deed because her pot roast was worth the effort and if it wasn’t, her apple pie was sure to make you smile.  There was nothing better than getting all washed up.

When God looked at us, way back when, and saw us somewhat shipwrecked from life, all washed up on the shore, he came up with his own definition of the phrase.  He saw us in need of a great life preserver.  Out of His goodness, he renewed our hearts by washing us up in the Holy Spirit and giving us a chance to be born anew.  He cleansed us from all the muddy, knee-scraping, messy things we get ourselves into and made us all shiny and new again.  We’re scrubbed from head to toe.

Today, as you step into the shower to get ready for the day, imagine yourself being made shiny and new, all washed up in the love of the one who made you.  In fact, the best thing you might be able to say all day is “I’m all washed up!”

I’ll look for your shiny faces everywhere I go.