Some of us are dreamers!  Because of our willingness to take a risk and step beyond the clearly marked path, we can find ourselves in places we never meant to go.  When that happens, the realists in our midst remind us that there are definite guidelines, processes, time-tested ways for things to be done, and if we would just stop kidding ourselves, stop dreaming, than all would be well.

Perhaps.  Perhaps we could postulate that life is meant to be lived in some sort of linear pathway from point A to point B and that if we are just willing to take the obvious steps we can get there quickly.  But then what?  Oh, yes, we get there, but how was the journey?

It’s the journey that actually carries dreamers along.  Mark Twain once wrote that we must “never part with our illusions.  Without dreams we may continue to exist, but we cease to live.”  Perhaps then, the dreamers, armed with imagination and persistence to unlock the doors where dreams come true actually have the secret to living, at least the secret to making the journey more fulfilling.

Today, it is my hope to encourage all of us who believe in the direction of our dreams, to be willing to take a new step, even a new leap forward.  Build on yesterday by creating today in a new way.  Is there one thing, just one thing that you can do that will start to tip the scales in your favor?  Can you engage one more person in possibility thinking? Can you draw one more picture, write one more chapter, practice your dance steps one more time and feel the difference, feel the dream coming to life?

The saddest moment for anyone filled with the creative spirit of God is to give up the dream.  You may indeed have your heart broken by love, but even worse is when your heart breaks over a dream that is taken away. It’s okay to be a dreamer, in fact, it’s a gift you were given the day you came into the world.

For the sake of your own heart then, and the delight of the One who watches over you with every breath and in every dream, keep your spirit alive with the joy that comes from holding tight to the gifts of your imagination, to the dreams in your soul.  Keep believing in your dreams.

Repeat after me…Everything is possible for him who believes.  Mark 9:23.

Dream on!

  1. Bev L says:

    :o) I will add, though, that sometimes God hides His/Her/It’s face for such a long time that our dreams diminish to the size of a grain of sand. The difficulty then is to keep from telling ourselves, “Well, I’ve seen no reason to continue with this dream I’ve been dreaming for decades”… and the pain is that the dream won’t let us give up on it completely.
    The answer, of course, is to continue with the dream because there is no other option (unless it’s like Mark Twain says that we exist but don’t truly live). And then the trick is to continue living with the slim possibility that the dream will come true, and all the while, keep the passion as intense as it was in the beginning.

  2. Kate Thomas says:

    Karen, your devotionals are great! I loved this one, and I hold fast to the truth that everthing is possible for him who believes.
    I admire so much the way you have stepped out in faith many times in your life as you have followed your dreams. Go forward unafraid, dear friend!

    Kate Thomas

  3. Jim Rule says:

    Blogging is new to me, something I’ve been “invited” into with this site, and now “enticed” into by the subject matter. As a kid, I preferred to sit on the sidelines and watch ‘til I saw how the game was played, not wanting to embarrass myself, or commit a foul, or do poorly and feel like a failure. That seems especially risky in this “game” where you can’t read the facial expressions or body language of the others on the field (although there are those little faces) and I don’t even know if there’s a referee. This game hasn’t gone on very long, and I’m not sure I know how to play very well. So please, forgive me if I step out of bounds, violate the rules, or commit any unsportsmanlike conduct—and tell me what the infraction is so I can play more fairly next time, (once I let myself out of the penalty box). With that disclaimer … I’m encouraged and “willing to take a new step, even a new leap forward,” and “Build on yesterday by creating today in a new way.”

    I see dreaming as a God-given propensity that originates in our being created in the image of God. All of this vast universe began in the mind and imagination of the Divine with a God who dreamed that it would be satisfying for there to be other independent beings like Himself (pardon the male pronoun, but I make it do in the English language—for me the capital letter of the pronoun makes it divine, not masculine). His nature of love desired others to enjoy all that His magnificent mind and creative power could devise and make. We are the culmination of that dream—well almost. There’s still the little matter of human sin to be eradicated before His dream is completely fulfilled (every great dream seems to have something go wrong with it), but He’s got that well in hand and has nail marks on His to show He’s getting it hammered out.

    From this imagining dreaming God, who has created us in His image, we human beings got the propensity to imagine and dream—like Father, like daughter, like son. Like neat! That’s where we get it, and it just happens ‘cause it’s genetic, in the God-gene you might say. So we’re dreamers too—imagine that!

    But for believers, there’s more…

    However, I think the coach just called time out and benched me. Hope I get back in the next quarter, period, inning, round, whatever this is…

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