Sometimes you lose your bearings and don’t feel grounded.  You can feel like you’re walking a tightrope or riding a trapeze and just  hoping someone will catch you or that there will at least be a safety net somewhere below.  It’s a dizzying feeling really…somewhat exciting because everything feels unknown, yet totally uncertain and unprotected leaving you a little shaky as well.

For me, moving away from San Jose, Costa Rica is a little like that.  Oh sure, you would think it was more a problem when I went there since it was my first time living out of the U.S. and discovering what it was like to embrace another culture where I didn’t know the language or the nuances of custom.  Well, that was more exciting than scary.  Now, a little over a year later, after just getting comfortable with my life there, I’m transitioning again, back to the world that should be easier, but now feels somewhat foreign.  Now I won’t see the gardener every day, yielding his machete to prune the flowers and the mango trees.  I won’t have warm milk for the cafe con leche that brings me back to life each morning.  I won’t wonder if there’s a lizard in my shoes in the closet or if the ants cleaned up all the fallen insect bodies during the night while I lay sleeping.  It’s all changed…again.

I guess we’re all different and that’s a good thing.  Some of us stay pretty close to the ground all the time.  We know our schedule each day, know what we like, what we don’t like, and we rarely question whether anything else is needed because well, we’re comfortable right where we are.  Some of us, climb the ladder and look around a little, never quite letting go enough to take on the risk, but enjoying the view just the same, knowing full well we can climb back down any minute.  Then a few of us, are just a bit more inclined to climb all the way up  to the platform, watch the swinging trapeze come our way and without knowing if anyone will be there to catch us, jump anyway believing that one way or another we’ll get to a safe place again.

Last week in Costa Rica, I went zip lining across the canopy of the rain forest.  I had never done such a thing before and probably won’t do it again, but here I am a 50 something woman, flying through the air, gliding over the tops of trees and feeling more like a bird free to blossom and grow than I’ve ever felt in my life.  Sure, I knew there was a guide on the platform ready to catch me when I got close enough, ready to grasp the harness and slow it down as needed.  For something that only lasts a few moments though, it was metaphoric…it was euphoric.

It’s going to be interesting as I watch life unfold again.  As I put everything I am in God’s hand.  I think it’s a bit like jumping into that harness on the zip line and saying, “Okay, God, give me a push because I know you have a plan and even though I can’t really see it as I go flying across the tops of the trees, You can.  In fact, I know You’re already on the other side there waiting to catch me, waiting to hook me up to the next safety line.  I know that even though I can’t see exactly where I’m going, I’m not alone.”

The way I see it now is that we’re all here on foreign soil even if we’ve never left the safety of the town we were born in, because we’re just passing through here, on our way to all that we were meant to become.  The beauty of it though is that we get to explore every inch of where we are any time we’re ready to climb the ladder and peek out on the world a bit further and if we jump off the end of the platform, we can even close our eyes until we’re brave  enough to look again because there’s never a detail that isn’t already known to the One who loves us.  He just wants us to always enjoy the ride.

Hey, if you get a little further than I do, keep challenging me to follow because it’s really good for my soul. Let’s keep embracing life, ready to sail…because there is always a safety net somewhere.    Bless you today.

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