There’s an old jazz song that was sung by Louis Jordan and later by Diana Krall that asked the question, “Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?”  Love songs have been asking this question for generations, perhaps with different forms of grammar, but a worthy question nontheless.  How often do we have to choose, try to determine the answer about the things we’re willing to commit to in our own lives?  We may have to figure out what we want out of a romantic relationship as in the case  of this song.  Other times our answer is about the commitment we’re willing to make to our job, or our family, or the church we attend.  It’s a question that wants to know if we’re in or out.

Imagine this question being asked to each of us from our Father in heaven.  He’s calling us and in one way or another he’s asking, “Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?”  Almost every day we have to come up with an answer.  I say “almost everyday” because life keeps us on our toes, keeps challenging us to figure out the answer.  Somedays, we are all on board, we’re ready to be a caped crusader for God, stand up to any negative force in the universe and claim our place as one of his heirs.  Other days, we’re feeling more like distant cousins than we are like God’s baby and so we don’t know quite how to answer. We’re confused by the question because we’ve put ourselves on the outskirts.  We moved; God didn’t!

Newspapers and podcasts challenge our thinking and  even reading the Old Testament can cause us to feel a little uncertain about the God of Love versus the God of our misunderstanding.  We’re challenged because we want God to be a sweet and loving Father, always ready with a comforting arm and a smile.  When we can’t see that or feel that, we wonder if we’re orphans and we wonder if God really is tuning in to the day to day drama of our lives.

Your faith is always being challenged.  Sometimes though it doesn’t mean that you have to suit up and get ready for a big fight.  It might just mean that you have to rest easy, surrender, put each moment in the hand of the One who already made you His baby a long time ago.  Nothing can change His commitment to you or His love for you.  What you share in your relationship with God is akin to any love song that begs the question, “Is you is or is you ain’t my baby?”  There’s only one answer for a heart like yours, and that answer is…”I is!  If the grammar doesn’t work for you, then remember the God who declared to all creation, “I AM!”  You’re His baby!

Now cuddle up with that thought and have a great day!