Send your bread out on the water because, in the course of time, you may find it again.   Ecclesiastes 11:1

You Can Do It!

It’s not easy for most of us to take a risk and start something new. Making an effort can seem overwhelming, and yet, something nags at you, insisting it’s time because today is a new day. If you didn’t make it work before, you can now. Why? Because you’re ready to take on the world and start again. You’re ready to be the best possible you! Today, you’re Wonder Woman, (okay, or Bat Man) suited up and ready to go. You have no fear, no worries about roadblocks. You’re going to get out there and make things happen.

Procrastination makes sense as you give new ideas thoughtful consideration. Weighing the odds is a worthwhile use of your time. Getting uncomfortable, though, is a challenge that can stop you in your tracks.  

So, Get It Done!

The writer of Ecclesiastes doesn’t really care. He says “get it done.” With a little due diligence, in the course of time, you may reap a reward and win the day. If you don’t cast your bread on the waters, nothing can return to you. Nothing can happen until you suit up and believe in yourself, trusting that you and God together can do anything.

On the other hand, if you simply cast bread out on the water and walk away, you’re done. You won’t be expectant. You won’t recognize the opportunity that presents itself out of nowhere. You won’t be ready for the win.

So go ahead! Take a chance and become all God meant you to be and show Him, and the rest of the world, what you’ve got. There’s a hero inside you just waiting to come out. Time to renew your spirit and find yourself in a refreshing stream of opportunity. Yes, it’s your day to fly!

When word about your success starts coming out, people will probably say, I knew you could do it. It had to be you!